Electric scooter vs petrol scooter

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which One Should You Buy?


For the longest time, two-wheeler scooters have been running on petrol. However, consumer interest has been picking up in electric scooters as these are becoming widely available. The Government of India has been promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and offering subsidies as electric scooters are an eco-friendly alternative.

As electric scooters are a recent technology, it has become a part of consumers’ consideration while buying a scooter these days i.e. whether to go for an electric scooter or a petrol scooter.

Looking to buy one? Don’t worry! We will help you with a list of factors you should consider before your make the final decision in your mind.

1. Price

As most of the electric scooters and bikes run on Lithium Ion batteries, hence, they are usually slightly higher priced than petrol scooters.

However, for electric two-wheelers, the Government of India offers an incentive of INR 15,000 per KWH with a cap of 40% of the vehicle cost, under the FAME scheme.

The petrol scooter may seem like a more affordable option in terms of the initial investment. But a Birla electric scooter is more budget-friendly in the long run if you add up the running and maintenance costs.

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2. Running costs

The price of domestic electricity is much cheaper than the price of petrol. Hence, the running cost of a Birla electric scooter is much lesser than a petrol Scooter.

The average running cost of an electric scooter comes to Rs. 0.25/km whereas that of a petrol scooter is about Rs. 2/km i.e. 8x of an electric scooter.

3. Maintenance costs

The Birla electric scooters have low maintenance costs. Only the batteries need to be cleaned as a part of the maintenance.

The petrol scooters on the other hand have higher maintenance costs as these require regular servicing of the engine and other mechanical parts.

4. Distance covered

Even though electric scooters can cover longer distances but due to the lack of charging infrastructure, electric scooters are preferred for shorter distances as of now.

Birla electric scooters are also extremely convenient as they are able to maneuver high-traffic roads smoothly with the help of their sleek designs.

Petrol scooters are preferred for longer distances as petrol pumps are easily accessible.

As electric scooters become widely adopted, the Government of India will be incentivizing businesses to create larger networks of charging stations.

5. Eco-friendly

Birla electric scooters are more environment friendly than petrol scooters. Vehicular emissions, majorly CO2, are one of the leading causes of air pollution.

Electric vehicles also don’t require a PUC in India.

To conclude, while the upfront cost of an electric scooter is higher currently, however, considering the running and maintenance costs the electric scooter is more affordable in the long run. An electric scooter is perfect for you if you need to cover short distances regularly. Also, it’s another way to play your part in saving the environment.

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