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Dos and Don’ts of Charging an Electric Two-Wheeler

An electric two-wheeler is a scooter or a bike that runs on a battery that is charged using electricity. Birla electric scooters and e-bikes are gaining popularity, and rightly so, as they are more cost-effective in the long run. They are easy to maintain. Driving a Birla electric scooter or a e-bike also helps in protecting the environment

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As the adoption of electric two-wheelers is increasing, it is important to understand how to use them properly. Charging an e-bike may seem straightforward, but you should always keep in mind the below-mentioned points.

1. Let it cool down

Do not charge the electric scooter or e-bike right after driving it as the battery will be hot for some time. The battery life may get impacted if you charge it without letting it cool down. Wait for 10-15 minutes before plugging in the charger.

2. Always use the original charger

Each Birla electric scooter and e-bike comes with its own charger. It is advisable to use only the charger provided along with it as it is specific to the e-bike model.

In case the original charger breaks, replace it with another charger from Birla e-bikes only. Cheaper non-branded alternatives may be available in the market, however, using them can damage the battery.

3. Do not leave the scooter on while charging

Always switch off the electric scooter before plugging in the charger. You will be able to check the battery recharge percentage even when the scooter is off.

4. Do not overcharge

Remove the charger once the battery is fully charged. It may be tempting to keep the charging on when the scooter is not in use. However, it can do more harm than good.

5. Do not drain out the battery completely

When you are regularly using a Birla electric scooter or e-bike, do not wait to charge until the battery is completely drained out. You should put it to charge when there is at least 10% charge left in the battery. This helps in improving the longevity of battery life. Also, it is important for your convenience so that you don’t run out of charge while driving.

6. Charge when the electric scooter is dry

If you have just driven a Birla electric scooter or e-bike in the rain, then let it dry for some time. This is to ensure that the sockets are dry before you switch on the charging.

7. Charge in a cool & dry place

Ensure that the battery is not recharged under extreme temperatures. Avoid charging the electric scooter or bike under direct sunlight. Also do not charge it in a humid place that may be exposed to water.


Though Birla electric scooters and e-bikes are easy to maintain, these best practices related to charging will help you improve the battery life. These are easy-to-do steps. To make the most of your electric two-wheeler, ensure that you take good care of the battery by charging it appropriately.

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